While searching through my stash I came across a nice turquoise 100 % wool yarn without a label. I forgot where it came from – maybe I took last skein from a local shop many years ago or someone else gave it to me because they do not want it anymore. I love this colour because it gives a nice bluish shade to my grey eyes.

Several years ago I’ve utilized lots of wool skeins and several old pullovers in this big carpet:


It has about 70 different colours, but my turquoise wool has a pretty intensive colour and it can not be paired with anything. Some day it had to be used before moths realized it was waiting for them :). So, to prevent it I’ve made this Crochet wrap Diagonal Seashells – another project that helps to finish one yarn-skein:

Crochet wrap Diagonal Seashells

Recommended yarn: 100-105 gr of 100 % wool approx. 550 m in 100 gr / 600 yards in 3.5 oz; it equals to 3 ply (UK), Light Fingering (USA) or Lace. Measurements: 23 cm (9’’) width of short side; 107 cm (42’’) length. Total yarn usage: 630 yards.

Hook: 3 mm. With smaller hooks you can make the stitches denser and vice versa. See that you love the result with chosen yarn.

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