CONVERGENCE: Crochet Jacket Pattern – Crochet Tutorial in English

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Beautiful crochet jacket features diagonal patterns. You will feel special when you wear this garment as the focal point of your outfit, or if you need a little warmth and pop it on over anything you’re wearing! Fit loose intended.

This crochet jacket pattern is provided for such measurements. We highly advise you to make adjustments because everyone is shaped differently. Please read carefully before purchasing this crochet pattern.

Yarn: DK / 8 ply / 240 m in 100 gr / 262 yards in 3.5 oz/ example. Total yarn usage for the original jacket 996 yards (910 m).

You will receive:

► tutorial in ENGLISH for stated measurements (browse the screen shots);

► HQ diagrams in PDF format as well as photos of tricky stitches;

► written explanation of main pattern (in case you are not used to work with crochet charts) – straight rows and initial 18 rows of triangle, then all decreases and increases are indicated in diagrams;

► instructions for creating paper sewing pattern – in such an elaborate item you should be able to adapt the diagonal pattern to your unique figure (petite or tall, with small or fuller bust, broad/narrow/sloping shoulders etc).

Please keep the original small margins of this PDF during printing out.

► Original jacket was created for a rather tall woman with small bust (90 cm = 35.5”) and narrow hips (90 cm = 35.5”). Even though the jacket is stretchy and still fits a woman with up to 100 cm (39.5”) larger bust, the whole look and the proportions on another woman are different.

For example:

≫ The same garment worn by a woman 165 cm (5’5”) tall with bust 100 cm (39.5”) and considerably larger hips was tight fit; crochet rib at the bottom was laying not freely over her waist – it ended under waist. When the rib was put over her waist there was a hump like we see in pullovers. Thus, the jacket should be ending way up to her waist.

≫ The shoulder slope in such a diagonal pattern is very important – jacket worn on straight and rather broad shoulders looks beautiful. Original shoulder will not fit petite woman with narrow sloping shoulders. Even if her bust is small, the jacket must be altered to fit her shoulders well.

≫ Statistically the height of 40% American women is 160 cm (5’3”) or shorter and roughly 25% are 155 cm (5’1”) or shorter. All of them have different sizes and shoulder types which can not be covered in one tutorial for this jacket : ).

Since it is impossible to satisfy all small and tall, with full and small bust, broad/narrow/sloping shouldered figures there was only one way – making instructions for the original item and advise crocheters how to adjust this pattern for their unique figures.

It is quite plain for any advanced crocheters that every item should be adapted for a particular figure and correct gauge should be obtained before embarking on a project. However many beginners think that if they see a pattern created for their size, they can just follow instructions without altering them for their individual figures. Alas! It can be done for a simple crochet top or a skirt (though the length of the garment should be adjusted too) but it will not work for a such an elaborate model like this triangle jacket.

Since the jacket is made without foundation row – it is started just with one chain in the centre of the back, you can follow the diagram until you reach the neckline. 16 rows of the main pattern were described in words in case you have difficulties in understanding crochet diagrams. We hope after you have learned all these rows, you should be able to “read” decreases for the original jacket shown in the diagrams. And you can adapt them to your unique figure. You may regard original diagrams of front, back and sleeves as examples for decreases or increases because you should regularly attach front and back to your personal paper sewing pattern. It might be that decreases are different – therefore this jacket is better to be worked by EXPERIENCED crocheter!


Electronic download is available as a PDF and in formats compatible with your e-reader. After your payment is confirmed please check download notification email from Shipping and printing cost are not included in price of this digital item – you will need to print all pages by yourself. You will have constant access to the purchased crochet patterns, for more details please read:

Intangible digital items cannot be returned or refunded.

Terms and Conditions:

Copyright © All rights reserved. Any reprinting, transmitting, reproducing, publishing or otherwise using for commercial purposes parts of this crochet tutorial is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from



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