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This is kids version of #NewYearsCrochetDress.
The stitches were simplified to make this project accessible to all crocheters who can follow written or charted crochet patterns and know how to work the following stiches:
chain, slip stitch, sc, dc, dc-stitches joined together and popcorn stitches.
Photos for dc-stitches joined together and popcorn stitches are included into PDF.

Surely it could be named a CHRISTMAS dress, but not all nations celebrate it and the ones who do have a particular image of Christmas dresses :). On the contrary, New Year’s Day is a national holiday in the majority of countries and New Year Eve is a time when we all exchange greetings and well-wishes for the year ahead and expect only the BEST from the future.

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Yarn: Fingering-weight / 4 ply / 350-420 m in 100 gr /380-460 yards in 3.5 oz. Total yarn usage is 330 – 1310 yards (302 – 1198 m).

This dress crochet pattern is provided for sizes:
1-2 years, chest 49-54 cm = 19.3’’-21.3’’, height 75-95 cm = 2’’5’-3’’1’
2-4 years, chest 51-59 cm = 20’’-23.2’’, height 86-105 cm = 2’’8’-3’’4’
3-5 years, slim build, chest 49-54 cm = 19.3’’-21.3’’, height 95-110 cm = 3’’1’-3’’6’
4-6 years, chest 51-59 cm = 20’’-23.2’’, height 106-122 cm = 3’’5’-4’’
5-7 years, chest 56-63 cm = 22’’-24.5’’, height 116-129 cm = 3’’8’-4’’2’
6-9 years, chest 62-70 cm = 24.4’’-27.5’’, height 116-134 cm = 3’’8’-4’’4’,
9-11 years, chest 67-76 cm = 26.4’’-30’’, height 135-145 cm = 4’’4’-4’’8’.
10-13 years, size XS, chest 74-82 cm = 29’’-32.3’’, height 135-150 cm = 4’’4’-4’’9’.

The top-down construction makes it possible to regulate the length as you go, so you can crochet a top, a tunic or a dress.

Please check the yardage in preview: yardage for each size.
With the recommended cotton and the stated length the approx. weight of TOP will be 83, 88, 92, 94, 125, 131, 181, 190 grams; the approx. weight of DRESS will be 140, 143, 145, 153, 215, 226, 306, 333 grams.

The white and striped samples have gauge 19.5-20 dc by 10.5-11 rows – all calculations in this pattern are based on this gauge. This pattern was also tested in a thinner pink cotton to give you an idea of how the difference in gauge will affect the width of the whole garment.

Choosing the right YARN and HOOK to achieve great results

You will receive:

► detailed tutorial in ENGLISH for every row with supporting diagrams (browse screen shots);

► written explanation of all rows of the diagrams is included (in case you are not used to work with the crochet charts).

Please keep the original small margins of this PDF during printing out.

Electronic download is available as a PDF and in formats compatible with your e-reader. After your payment is confirmed please check download notification email from Shipping and printing cost are not included in price of this digital item – you will need to print all pages by yourself. You will have constant access to the purchased crochet patterns, for more details please read:

Intangible digital items cannot be returned or refunded.

Terms and Conditions:

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